Community Resource Network

Connects the teams

Creates a whole-person picture

Expedites help

Optimizes wellbeing

The CRN bridges gaps across care. We’ve taken a whole-person approach to help struggling individuals and families access the full range of services and support they need.

Our team-based case tools connect service providers so they can work more efficiently and coordinate more effectively. And our powerful analytics tool leverages a wide range of data to produce community-level insights.

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Care Coordination & Resource Referrals

SDoH Focused, Shared Client Profile

Client Timeline

  • Aggregates major events and care coordination tasks
  • Shows a longitudinal history of where a client has been
  • Populated via data feeds like ADT alerts or the CRN platform
  • Encourages a long-term view of the client’s journey

Patent Pending

One View

  • Creates a whole-person view of health
  • Shows the scope of a client’s needs
  • Identifies risk before expensive interventions are required
  • Is color-coded by domain using quantitative and qualitative inputs

Household & Social Graph

  • Visualizes complex household relationships including peers and friends as part of the potential support network
  • Activates and engages people already around the client

Care Team & Messaging

  • Encourages provider communication and collaboration
  • Shows who is on the team
  • Makes it easy to communicate with the team

Resource Directory & Closed Loop Referrals

Resource Directory & Closed Loop Referrals

The integrated ‘closed-loop’ resource and referral tool facilitates finding the right services and ending digital hand-offs with just a few clicks. Alerts and messaging keep the team in constant contact and up to speed on the person’s progress. It also eliminates the need for the client to retell information multiple times and keeps the message consistent across the care team.

Data Access Controls (consent)

We Take Sensitive Data Seriously

Privacy & Security

Care platforms are often difficult to navigate due to the sensitivity of the data. CRN takes privacy and security very seriously. Our platform has robust data access controls, which include client consent, roles and permissions, and data compliance standards to make sure personal data is secure, and seen only by those who have the proper security clearance to view it.

Reporting and Analytics

Powerful, Risk-based Analytics Tool and Custom Reporting

Demographics, Referrals, & More

The CRN team’s extensive experience in health care and interoperability is key to being able to securely aggregate multiple data sources, and find patterns that lead to shared, actionable knowledge.

Our risk-based analytics tools empower users to investigate issues affecting their own communities

About Us

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CRN is a Colorado-based, award-winning, and person-centric Community Information Exchange that is integrated with Quality Health Network’s (QHN) secure Health Information Exchange infrastructure. It enables Colorado’s medical, social service, and behavioral health providers an enriched and shareable data set focused on the ‘whole person’ view to better communicate, prioritize actions, collaborate, and improve client outcomes.

The first western Colorado adopters began using CRN in January 2020. Many Mesa County agencies are participating, and more western Colorado organizations from other counties are being added each week. The platform went live on July 20, 2020!