Frequently Asked Questions

  • CRN is a secure community information exchange that creates a whole-person picture of health, connects care teams, expedites help for those at risk or already in crisis, and optimizes their wellbeing.
  • CRN is powered by Quality Health Network, recognized as an innovative leader of health information exchange in the nation.

The value of the CRN is in the ability to best serve community members through understanding the whole picture of their needs in health, behavioral health, and social areas.  The more service providers understand about them through sharing data, and coordinating services, the better you can align care. Ultimately the big picture value of CRN is improved well-being and social outcomes for some of the community’s most vulnerable individuals. Your clients can benefit immensely from allowing their data to be shared among their providers in the following ways:

  • The process of getting the services they need becomes easier. There is significantly less:
    • Keeping track of various documentation needed for referrals
    • Running around town to fill out and/or drop off forms and various documentation
    • Remembering every encounter that they’ve had and with whom
  • Because so much is happening electronically, obtaining the actual services they need can be expedited. The client’s Care Team is talking to one another, which means:
    • They tell their story and/or updates once.
    • They can share documentation as needed.
    • Less duplication of services and confusion around various care plans.
    • They have a Care TEAM vs. silo’d providers
    • They will have access to their CRN, allowing them to find resources, view referrals statuses, update their information, and easily reach out to one or all of their Care Team members.
  • Who will benefit- CRN will help:
    • Those at risk in our community – CRN will help them reach needed services more quickly to get the help they need.
    • Social service providers as they work to assist their clients.
    • Health and behavioral health professionals connect with resources in the community in an integrated and streamlined way.
  • Who will use CRN:
    • There are nearly 500 service providers across western Colorado, who are doing amazing work; all these providers are potential CRN users.
    • QHN already helps connect over 300 clinical providers – doctors, hospitals, etc. – to improve care and reduce costs and has served western Colorado for nearly 15 years.
    • Similarly, CRN will help connect social, behavioral, and mental health services, allowing them to communicate with one another to expedite help, reduce redundancy, and ultimately improve care.
    • CRN brings everyone to the table. When everyone is working together, we can not only identify duplicative efforts but gaps and unmet needs

CRN is built with sophisticated privacy and consent functionality and will use a single consent form that must be obtained from the client.  The authorization and consent covers both health care providers and community service providers and is HIPAA compliant to allow the sharing of appropriate information to better coordinate care.  The client is in charge of who can see their information and may change that at any time.

If you are a CRN participant and want to request a copy of the consent, click here to contact us.

Professionals providing care can:

  • See a comprehensive view of their patient’s or client’s needs through CRN’s One View
  • Search for available resources in your community, send electronic referrals and see the status of the referral
  • Communicate directly with other professionals working with the client
  • Upload documents for the client in the Document Vault and access documents that other organizations have uploaded
  • Update information about the client or see what updates other organizations have made
  • Enter standard assessment results and see what assessments have already been completed elsewhere

Call or fill out the form below to let us know that you are interested.  We’ll contact you to set up a time to talk about CRN how it may fit for your organization or community.

The pricing models are different based on whether you will be joining an existing instance of CRN or if your community is interested in a new implementation.  The costs are tiered to ensure that all of the community partners that will benefit from CRN will be able to participate.  Contact us for more information.

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