Use cases, stories, and testimonials from the builders and users of CRN.

We all get to succeed together

“We’re using CRN to better coordinate care for our clients at the Family Resource Center. We can quickly make and send electronic referrals to find the help they need fast and with less paperwork. We find we have more time to spend working directly with clients when we can see all their information in one place. We love the visual way the CRN shows us where to focus our efforts first, and we’re so happy to finally have an easy way to message and connect with the other people and organizations helping care for our clients. We all get to succeed together!”

Christie Higgins, Community Access Director

Revolutionary Possibilities

“The development of CRN has been an amazing collaboration of community stakeholders and software developers, resulting in a ground-up approach that has service providers excited about the revolutionary possibilities of this social network exchange,” said Mike Stahl, CEO of Hilltop Community Resources. “This ability to address and coordinate the social determinants of care will be a game-changer for our community.”

Mike Stahl, CEO

Game Changer

“The focus is all about the person, and that’s INCREDIBLE. That’s something the CRN is doing differently, and that’s why this is such a game-changer.”

Heidi Dragoo, Epidemiologist

Next-Level Collaboration

“The work is so darn hard… but we decided as a community not to let hard get in the way of doing the right thing. This is Next-Level Collaboration!”

Scott Aker, COO