QHN’s Community Resource Network
is officially LIVE in western Colorado!

“CRN is at the forefront of a really exciting community collaboration breakthrough that will transform how people in crisis or at risk get the care they need, whether those needs are of a medical, behavioral or social services nature – most likely it is a combination of the three,” said Dick Thompson, Executive Director and CEO of QHN. “Simply put, CRN helps get the right stuff done efficiently at the right time by the right people.”

Since January of 2020, several organizations have been testing the network infrastructure which enables them to provide critical resources to individuals more efficiently. As the CRN enters the live phase, QHN is working diligently to establish the network in dozens of organizations across western Colorado by the end of the year.

“Connecting people with the right care at the right time is critical, and that’s what CRN does,” added Jackie Sievers, CRN Director of Implementation. “We are working to get medical, behavioral and social agencies plugged into the network. The more organizations utilizing CRN, the better the outcomes will be.”

The ability to address an individual’s unmet social determinant needs, like housing and food insecurity, can contribute materially (+50%) to a person’s health and well-being. Helping those in need earlier and in a more coordinated way can improve healthcare outcomes and reduce the cost burden born by taxpayers and businesses. According to an analysis of the Accountable Health Communities Model project, 4 out of 10 individuals who completed the survey in western Colorado reported they are struggling with a major need.

“That’s where CRN can help. Our technology connects the dots. Helping to efficiently connect individuals to the right services makes a huge difference for all involved,” explains Sievers.

Last year, CRN won second place in the national Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Social Determinants of Health Innovation Challenge out of more than 110 teams. CRN’s development has been funded by QS Systems, which is a joint venture between QHN and Stella Technology. CRN leverages the extensive knowledge and assets of QHN’s award-winning health information exchange infrastructures and Stella’s strong technology platforms.

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