Why a Community Collaboration Will Change Lives: Sarah’s Struggle

Hungry, desperate, and facing eviction, single mom Sarah can drive to the Hilltop Resource Center where they will refer her to the Grand Junction Housing Authority for help with a roof over her family’s heads, and they can direct her to the food bank to supplement the month’s grocery budget.But her doctor, who she just [...]

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Why a Community Collaboration Will Change Lives: The Refrigerator

All it took was a refrigerator. It was a $6,000+ refrigerator, but it led to a breakthrough in western Colorado.A woman showed up several weeks in a row at an ER in Delta County with her diabetes out-of-control. Each time, doctors treated and discharged her with medications. On the third visit, they asked why she was [...]

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Ditching the Fax Machine: How Can We Open More Doors for Our Clients?

Mind Springs is using CRN to provide better, faster careWhen it comes to caring for patients at Mind Springs Health, the Community Resource Network (CRN) is enabling care providers to open more doors for their patients and in turn offer more assistance leading to better outcomes.The CRN platform is a community-driven collaboration system that helps [...]

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The OneView

The OneView: Community Resource Network’s real-time view into a client’s whole story This week, we want to show you the OneView, part of the powerful client profile inside CRN. This patent-pending “wheel” is CRNs powerful, visual way of quickly communicating the client’s needs and the severity of those needs with one glance.   Green represents [...]

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CRN in The Business Times

Network touted as a way to efficiently get needsThree years of development and testing — as well as some national recognition along the way — have led to this point.A network designed to more efficiently connect people with organizations providing medical, behavioral and social services is operational.“It’s exciting,” said Jackie Sievers, director of implementation for [...]

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CRN on Issues and Answers

https://qualityhealthnetwork.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/CRN-INTERVIEW.mp3 Listen to Jackie Sievers being interviewed for the “Issues and Answers” radio show.  Visit the CRN website to learn more The post CRN on Issues and Answers appeared first on Quality Health Network.

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CRN on 11 News

Community Resource Network : Community exchange program GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) –The quality health network has launched a new platform called ‘The Community Resource Network’ or (CRN) offering services for health, medical and behavioral providers.CRN platform connects service providers and expedites help so struggling individuals and families have access to the full range on services [...]

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