CRN Year in Review

Last year was full of wins for CRN. Let’s briefly look back at 2022 so we can move forward with new-found momentum into 2023!To start, CRN saw some of the highest utilization rates since we started this journey during the Covid pandemic in July 2020. Just in 2022 alone, we saw a whopping 10,800 new [...]

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Real World Impact | CRN Stories: We can’t afford to lose an entire day’s wages.

“We can’t afford to lose an entire day’s wages to try to find food for our family at the WIC office.”-a family in Garfield County “One of our families needed to take time off to go to the WIC office. Taking a day off for them meant losing wages for the entire day. We contacted [...]

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Marc Lassaux selected to serve as Executive Director and CEO of Quality Health Network

Marc has served QHN in various roles since 2008— previously as the Chief Technology Officer and most recently as the interim CEO. Marc Lassaux, CEO, QHN QHN continues to advance innovation across western Colorado, and I am proud to lead our team, building on the incredible foundation we created jointly with our partners,” said Marc [...]

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Real World Impact | CRN Stories: Sometimes I have to sleep on a park bench.

“Sometimes I have to sleep on a park bench.” -Pregnant mom We worked with a mom who often arrived to care late, had very limited resources, and was suspicious of medical care and our efforts to support her make good decisions about her pregnancy. During her WIC interview, she told someone that she “sometimes slept [...]

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2022 QHN Survey Winner!

Congratulations to our 2022 Survey Winner, Jenna Fox of SCL Health! We “spun the wheel” with over 300 survey participants and the needle landed on Jenna. Enjoy your new iPad, Jenna! We made a little video –> Thanks to all <300 participants for your valuable feedback. We will use the data to serve you better.Watch [...]

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Expanding Peer Support and Recovery Visibility in Mesa County

Jackie Sievers In Mesa County, a powerful collaboration is changing the landscape and visibility of recovery efforts to support people with behavioral health and substance use disorder (SUD) issues. Jackie Sievers (RHC and Director of Community Recourse Network Implementation, Region 19) and Angie Bertrand (Executive Director, Peer 180 RCO (Recovery Community Organization)) have partnered to [...]

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Addressing Critical Resource Gaps in Our Community: the AHCM Project

In 2017, Rocky Mountain Health Plans (RMHP) and its provider-partners in Western Colorado began participating in the Accountable Health Communities Model (AHCM). RMHP partnered with QHN and CRN to create and administer the AHCM screener beginning in 2018. Although the Model is ending in April, providers can continue to screen using the AHCM screener.The AHCM [...]

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Keeping it Local- The CRN Way

With so many options for care coordination technology solutions on the market, why should a western Colorado organization choose CRN? Let’s look at why a local solution makes the most sense for your organization: Built by this community, for this community.CRN was built after nearly two years of listening to and working with you. It’s [...]

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Care Teams and Info Sharing in CRN

Keeping people’s information safe and secure is our number one priority.  But what does it mean to participate in a  “care team” in CRN? Many people hesitate to join a care team because they assume it means adding more to their already full workload.But joining a care team simply means you are invited to both [...]

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