CRN Exploding With Growth!

Growth is not always embraced, but in the case of Community Resource Network (CRN) growth is essential and is happening in big ways. It’s been just over a year since CRN was successfully launched and we’re happy to announce CRN use is exploding in the West Mountain and Delta County regions.“We’re hearing time and time [...]

2021-10-18T20:22:14+00:00October 18th, 2021|News|

Interview with a CRN Community Champion

Leslie Sparks joined the CRN team recently and we sat down to talk about what she is doing in the Delta area to connect people to CRN. Building the collaborative infrastructure for CRN seems challenging. What will you consider a “win” at the end of the day?At the end of the day a win for [...]

2021-08-30T16:48:01+00:00August 30th, 2021|News|

Meet the CRN Team

CRN is an award-winning, team-based service coordination platform that integrates with our local Health Information Exchange, QHN, to boost community-wide health. It makes integration of Social Determinants of Health data not only possible- but simple, visual, and powerful.Let’s meet the team that is working hard to bring CRN to all communities in western CO- Jackie [...]

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Are You Living in Time Poverty?

“We helped a struggling family get access to housing in one-third of the time it normally takes to place someone.” That’s the success Loren Couch, a case manager at Homeward Bound, recently reported. Loren went on to say,“CRN’s simple electronic referral system not only saves our case managers time and effort but also helped a [...]

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Built For You: 6 ways CRN is built to be different.

When it comes to care coordination tools, there are several options on the market, but we feel strongly that none of them come close to offering the extent of solutions you’ll find in CRN. Here are 6 things that set us apart. 1. Comprehensive Resource Directory. CRN Network Partners determine what information and instructions are [...]

2021-04-07T16:43:58+00:00April 7th, 2021|News|

Screening and SDoH Solutions for a Healthier Community

For the past decade, our health system has taken bold steps toward whole-person health through the integration of behavioral health care. The next frontier is social health integration, and we’ve made exciting progress on that front starting with social needs screening and now progressing that vision with the Community Resource Network (CRN). The Centers for [...]

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Why a Community Collaboration Will Change Lives: Created By the Community, For the Community

Serving as western CO’s health information exchange for more than 15 years meant that we were able to witness firsthand the personal stories from local organizations and their incredible community caregivers. Their experiences encouraged us to find a way to use our information exchange expertise to find a solution. Two years and hundreds of community [...]

2021-03-24T16:10:52+00:00March 9th, 2021|News|

Why a Community Collaboration Will Change Lives: Sarah’s Struggle

Hungry, desperate, and facing eviction, single mom Sarah can drive to the Hilltop Resource Center where they will refer her to the Grand Junction Housing Authority for help with a roof over her family’s heads, and they can direct her to the food bank to supplement the month’s grocery budget.But her doctor, who she just [...]

2021-02-23T22:47:19+00:00February 22nd, 2021|News|

Why a Community Collaboration Will Change Lives: The Refrigerator

All it took was a refrigerator. It was a $6,000+ refrigerator, but it led to a breakthrough in western Colorado. A woman showed up several weeks in a row at an ER in Delta County with her diabetes out-of-control. Each time, doctors treated and discharged her with medications. On the third visit, they asked why [...]

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