Expanding Peer Support and Recovery Visibility in Mesa County

Jackie Sievers In Mesa County, a powerful collaboration is changing the landscape and visibility of recovery efforts to support people with behavioral health and substance use disorder (SUD) issues. Jackie Sievers (RHC and Director of Community Recourse Network Implementation, Region 19) and Angie Bertrand (Executive Director, Peer 180 RCO (Recovery Community Organization)) have partnered to [...]

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Addressing Critical Resource Gaps in Our Community: the AHCM Project

In 2017, Rocky Mountain Health Plans (RMHP) and its provider-partners in Western Colorado began participating in the Accountable Health Communities Model (AHCM). RMHP partnered with QHN and CRN to create and administer the AHCM screener beginning in 2018. Although the Model is ending in April, providers can continue to screen using the AHCM screener.The AHCM [...]

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Keeping it Local- The CRN Way

With so many options for care coordination technology solutions on the market, why should a western Colorado organization choose CRN? Let’s look at why a local solution makes the most sense for your organization: Built by this community, for this community.CRN was built after nearly two years of listening to and working with you. It’s [...]

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Care Teams and Info Sharing in CRN

Keeping people’s information safe and secure is our number one priority.  But what does it mean to participate in a  “care team” in CRN? Many people hesitate to join a care team because they assume it means adding more to their already full workload.But joining a care team simply means you are invited to both [...]

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CRN Exploding With Growth!

Growth is not always embraced, but in the case of Community Resource Network (CRN) growth is essential and is happening in big ways. It’s been just over a year since CRN was successfully launched and we’re happy to announce CRN use is exploding in the West Mountain and Delta County regions.“We’re hearing time and time [...]

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Interview with a CRN Community Champion

Leslie Sparks joined the CRN team recently and we sat down to talk about what she is doing in the Delta area to connect people to CRN. Building the collaborative infrastructure for CRN seems challenging. What will you consider a “win” at the end of the day?At the end of the day a win for [...]

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Meet the CRN Team

CRN is an award-winning, team-based service coordination platform that integrates with our local Health Information Exchange, QHN, to boost community-wide health. It makes integration of Social Determinants of Health data not only possible- but simple, visual, and powerful.Let’s meet the team that is working hard to bring CRN to all communities in western CO- Jackie [...]

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Are You Living in Time Poverty?

“We helped a struggling family get access to housing in one-third of the time it normally takes to place someone.” That’s the success Loren Couch, a case manager at Homeward Bound, recently reported. Loren went on to say,“CRN’s simple electronic referral system not only saves our case managers time and effort but also helped a [...]

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Built For You: 6 ways CRN is built to be different.

When it comes to care coordination tools, there are several options on the market, but we feel strongly that none of them come close to offering the extent of solutions you’ll find in CRN. Here are 6 things that set us apart. 1. Comprehensive Resource Directory. CRN Network Partners determine what information and instructions are [...]

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