Growth is not always embraced, but in the case of Community Resource Network (CRN) growth is essential and is happening in big ways.

It’s been just over a year since CRN was successfully launched and we’re happy to announce CRN use is exploding in the West Mountain and Delta County regions.

“We’re hearing time and time again that using CRN is taking the burden off the client and referrals that used to take days are now happening in a matter of hours,” says Sherri Corey, Senior Community Advisor, QHN and CRN.

For those of you new to the concept of CRN, it’s a team-based service coordination platform that integrates with our local health information, Quality Health Network to boost community-wide health.  It is at the forefront of transforming how people in crisis or at risk get the care they need, whether those needs are of a medical, behavioral or social services nature – most likely, a combination of the three.

Deb Barnett, RN, FNP, MBA, Interdisciplinary Care Director, Mountain Family

“When we talk about the Quadruple Aim, meaning improving clinical outcomes, increasing patient satisfaction, decreasing unnecessary medical costs, and finding joy and gratification in delivering patient care, the use of a community-wide platform to support collaborative care of a patient has an impact on each of those Aims.  Our geographic region is very fortunate to have access to the CRN platform for our use. It has a direct influence on our ability to effectively address SDOH needs as well as begin to tackle fragmentation of systems, both of which are key drivers of high costs, poor outcomes, patient dissatisfaction, and provider burnout.  It is rewarding to see this evolve and come to life,” says Deb Barnett, RN, FNP, MBA, Interdisciplinary Care Director, Mountain Family.

Currently, CRN is being utilized by 138 partners across western Colorado. The platform’s biggest uptick in users is coming from the Garfield County region, but Delta County is not far behind. In fact, Delta Health is one of our newest participants.

Roeber, MSN, FNP, RN, Delta Health Chief Clinical Officer

“Through the use of this technology patients in Delta County will be able to connect all their health care needs is one location.  This infrastructure should enrich the patient experience and help all providers, from medical, social, and behavior a sharable data set focused on the individual’s unique needs while helping enhance collaboration and care,” says Jody Roeber, MSN, FNP, RN, Delta Health Chief Clinical Officer.

CRN has countless tools to connect the dots for the client and the care team.

Melisa Sanchez, Social Health Advocate, Mountain Family

“The one tool we keep receiving praise for is the close loop referral. The care team member gets a response that the handoff was successful without having to make additional calls or write additional emails,” adds Cherie Schmitz, Community Advisor, QHN, and CRN. 

“We’ve really appreciated having the chance to complete referrals to Mind Springs.  Like for example the
Circle Program.  Even if we happen to not have 
consent from the client, we can go in and at least see if the referral has been picked up.  This is really helpful information to communicate back to our patients,” explains Melisa  Sanchez, Social Health Advocate, Mountain Family.

If you would like to learn more about CRN and how it can help your organization, please contact us at (970) – 248-0033 or email


With your help, we can fulfill the social determinants of health promise: a well-coordinated, whole-person approach improves overall health and equity across the entire community!

Visit the CRN website here.

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